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Work Experience

Kathy McNamara, M.A., LMFT #33319
Licensed Marriage, Family and Child Therapist
595 Millich Drive, Suite 102, Campbell, CA. 95008
Leave a phone message @: (408) 963-6694 x426 and/or a Fax @: (408) 796-1939


Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Kathy’s clients include: individuals, children, couples, and families and leads groups in her office in Los Gatos. She utilize her skills as a Process Therapist, implementing such modalities as Play Therapy, Gestalt Process, Sand Tray, and Art Therapy, to name a few. The Process Model is an active form of therapy. Kathy works with a variety of families who have children with Special Needs, i.e.: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Learning Disabilities, Emotional/Behavioral issues, Delayed Development, Asperger's, Non Verbal Disorder, Autism, Sensory Integration Disorder and/or Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. She also assists the adults who work and live with them.

University of California Santa Cruz Extension

Kathy has taught two classes in the Early Childhood Education Program for over 25 years:
1. Managing the Behaviors of Children Who Are Challenging and
2. Positive Guidance and Discipline For Children

Private Consultant

Kathy is committed to enhancing the lives of children by providing trainings to the adults who work with them. Being the parent of her adult son with a variety of Special Needs, she is provided with firsthand life experiences of parenting, which enhances her professional work. She is available for Consultation to schools, agencies, groups, and corporations in addition to offering presentations to those interested in: developing effective communication and positive discipline skills, parenting issues, working with children with Special Needs, day care provider trainings, integrating children with Special Needs, support groups, menopause, couples communication and a variety of other subjects. She has been presenting throughout Santa Clara for over 25 years on a variety of topics and providing trainings, to groups including and not limited to: a variety of schools, day cares, foster parents, colleges, conferences, private agencies, and public health nurses.

Parent Educator

Kathy began working as a Parent Educator in 1982, through the YWCA, facilitating classes for parents of pre-school and school-age children using Systematic Training for Effective Parenting (STEP) as a model. After 5 years, she noticed that her needs as a parent of a child who has Delayed Development were not being fulfilled. She then developed and implemented a program designed to meet the needs of parents of and those working with children who have a variety of Special Needs by offering her class “Joyfully Parenting Children with Behaviors That Are Challenging.”

Milpitas School District

For 4 years, Kathy worked with at-risk children, their families and teachers, collaborating between home and school, providing individual, teacher and family support.

Prodigy Daycare Centers

Kathy has the experience of being a Consultant and Parent Educator for two of Prodigy's Centers. She ran brown bag lunches, parenting classes, supported the staff through trainings, as well as in the classrooms and worked with parents, including attending parent meetings with the staff.

Family Education Foundation

For two years, Kathy provided trainings throughout Santa Clara and participated in a variety of committees, all focusing on serving the population of children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and the adults who work and live with them.

Lifetime Teaching Credential, K-8


“I look forward to guiding you towards your deepest desires.

Your answers lie within and I see myself assisting you in

Experiencing your deepest truth, from “Your Place of Knowing.”

Kathy McNamara